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Today’s (2/25/11) Activities:

  1. Saw Blue Valentine – I just want to go cry in my room and slit my wrists to feel anything but my aching heart… Good movie, though. Kind of a downer. But Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams were at their best. If Natalie Portman wasn’t nominated for Best Actress this year, I would be rooting for Williams.
  2. Ate two yogurts… but then had a large Icee at the movie – I’ll start my diet next week.
  3. Words With Friends app for iPhone
  4. Yes, Mom and Dad, I went to class today
  5. Walked home alone. At night. In Clifton. РOkay, it was 9 p.m. And I was wearing my Rape Prevention outfit (jeans, big sweatshirt, hair in a ponytail, gym shoes) which kept the potential assailants at bay. I also pretended to talk on the phone. It worked.

Things That Baffle Me:

  1. The world’s fascination with the Royal wedding – Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally tuning in on April 29th. I still don’t get it.
  2. How cashews are grown – Is it a tree? Bush?
  3. Why more people don’t watch¬†Parks and Recreation



UPDATE: Just Googled it. Cashews grow on trees.


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