I’m Maddie, Not Maddy

I’m an awkward person. I get that. And today I think I discovered the cause of my awkward personality: the fact that 55% of the people I meet don’t get my name right on the first try. This is awkward for me because usually I wait awhile before I correct them or I wait until someone else corrects them; and when they are corrected after calling me the wrong name for a significant amount of time, an uncomfortable silence/nervous laugh follows immediately. Like I mentioned before, this happens quite a lot and, surprisingly, I have been called a number of different names:

  1. Maddy
  2. Maggie
  3. Matty/Mattie (I really don’t get this one since it’s usually a nickname for MATT)
  4. Katy (that’s my mom’s name and sometimes her co-workers and friends call me that)
  5. Amanda…
This post is dedicated to the employees of Starbucks
because they seem to be the only ones who get my name right;
and they give me iced green tea.

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