I Want to be Liz Lemon

A lot of people always say that jr. high is the awkward stage in everyone’s life. Most middle schoolers have braces and glasses and they’re in that in between stage where you can’t tell if they’re a youthful midget or a very mature looking toddler. Then there’s the awful clothes. Like Sketchers or light-washed jeans that are too short. At my jr. high, the botched haircut was the big thing; on Monday morning there’d always be a different girl sporting a truly horrible hairstyle. On top of these unfortunate circumstances in the looks department, the hormones are flying and all anyone can talk about is Seven Minutes in Heaven and who dry humped who at the school dance (yeah, I went there). See, awkward times.

For most tweens, idolizing celebrities takes the sting, figurative and literal sting (talking about you, pimples), out of adolescence. For the sluts or “loose chicks” it was Britney Spears. Guys looked up to Peyton Manning… or some other famous athlete (OJ Simpson?? I don’t know, I don’t follow sports). And the “flamboyant” kids adored Liza Minnelli (I don’t get it either). Looking back I just wish I had Liz Lemon to look up to during those dark, dark times. I know she’s a fictional character but she is just awesome and here’s why:

  1. She is obsessed with food – Liz loves food; I love food. Therefore, we are one in the same. And it’s not just that she loves food, Liz isn’t afraid to admit it, something I find refreshing in world where girls fill their Pez dispensers with laxatives.
  2. Liz embraces her awkwardness – She isn’t afraid to be awkward, she owns it. And she dances like a boss.
  3. She is a nerd – Anyone who dresses up like Princess Leia to get out of jury duty is a nerd. Love it.
  4. Her vocab – “Ah, blerg!” “Shut up, nerds.” “Shark farts!” Genius writing, people.
  5. She looks like Tina Fey

Bottom line: Liz Lemon is real and not afraid to show her true colors. This is lost on most people these days.

Bonus Video!!!!!!!!!

There is nothing more funny, and pathetic at the same time, than Liz belting “Maybe” from Annie all alone in her office.


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