I’ll Probably Be Tarred and Feathered But…

I hate Glee. Now, I know what you’re thinking; that I’m just another angsty person who hates on Glee but hasn’t really seen it. Well, you’re wrong. I’ve seen every single episode since day one (really since it was leaked onto the Internet but to avoid imprisonment we’ll just say since the time it premiered after American Idol). Confused yet? I guess to understand where I’m coming from I should give you some background information. So here it goes.

I have been a big fan of the musical Spring Awakening, and musicals in general, since my sophomore year of high school. I absolutely love it and have seen it twice. And as most of you know, Lea Michele originated the role of Wendla (interestingly enough, she had been playing the part for 6 years before it finally got to Broadway). During the severe stages of my Spring Awakening fever, I came across Lea’s Facebook page and friended her (side note: my Mac recognizes the word “friended”. Just proof that Facebook is taking over the world). I always wondered what she was going to do after she left the show and one day I found out thanks to her status. After reading that she was “shooting Glee!!” I went straight to Google to research. At the time, the show was virtually unknown, no release date or anything, so there was little information on it. All I knew was that Lea Michele was one of the stars and it was basically a musical on TV. Needless to say, I was sold from that very moment.

From the beginning, I loved Glee. I thought it was great; but it has gotten so ridiculous. So here is my list of ways to FIX IT:

  1. Make it more realistic – Though Sue says some great one-liners, there is no way any school in America would let her work for them. I’m sorry but it’s true. There’s a fine line between mean and sadistic. And Glee crossed it. So much more to say on this but I won’t bore you [even more than I already have].
  2. Enough with the auto-tune – This could be classified under the “realistic” category but I feel very strongly about it so it gets its own number. Most of the actors have enough talent to sing live in a take. And if they do then let them! It’s so obvious when the recording starts and gets on my nerves!
  3. Develop characters and focus on actual story arcs – The only character that really gets attention is Kurt, the token gay kid. We get it. Now can we please focus on the other characters as well; this is an ensemble, after all. Also, there is basically no such thing as a story arc on this show. Everything that happens is almost always contained and dealt with and wrapped up within one episode and not addressed in the next episode. Like whatever happened to Mercedes’s and Quinn’s friendship? They never talk anymore.
  4. More comedy – They claim this is a comedy but lately it feels like a drama. Granted, I get some laughs but not enough.
  5. Fire Ryan Murphy – Yes he’s the co-creater so it’s impossible. But the guy makes rash decisions that make no sense and ruin the show. Ex: Finn breaks up with Quinn for cheating and lying about who the real father of her baby was; dates Rachel; breaks up with Rachel for “cheating” (even though they were on a break); now he wants to get back together with Quinn (even though she’s with Sam) but is still pissed at Rachel. And now I hear Ryan wants to break Quinn and Sam up after a couple months because “they’re too perfect”. There is such a thing as happiness, Ryan.

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