My Life Recently

In the days that I have been back from winter break I have done nothing but study and watch episode after episode of Friday Night Lights and Friends****. In only a week and a half, my roommates and I finished close to four seasons of Friends. Seriously. And now we’re working on knocking out three seasons of Friday Night Lights. Now if this were any other show it would sound pathetic and I would probably have to check myself into a psych ward. But if you haven’t seen either show then, I’m sorry, but you have no room to talk.

Friends – I’m not going to spend much time expressing my love for this show. I mean, it’s a timeless show that was a number one program during the 90s. Show me 30 people that hate, no, can’t stand Friends (I’m talking stick-a-fork-in-my-eye-cannot-stand) and I’ll show you a sober Charlie Sheen. Coherent Gary Busey? Soft-spoken Mel Gibson.

Friday Night Lights – I really can’t express how awesome this show is; but I guess I’ll try. FNL is funny, heartbreaking, engaging, fantastic. Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, and Zach Gilford are just three great actors out of the outstanding ensemble. Chandler and Britton give us the most realistic husband and wife duo on television; and with the help of Aimee Teegarden, who plays their daughter, Julie, we get to enjoy the best family banter ever. The dialogue, the acting, the story lines: all flawless in my eyes. And then there are the lovable characters. Throughout four seasons, the show’s writers have developed and transformed these characters into new people. The Taylors, Matt Saracen, Tim Riggins, Smash Williams, and Lyla Garrity are easy to love and hard to forget. It may be about high school but it’s no Gossip Girl or Degrassi. It’s a realistic show about middle class, football-loving families. If there’s one show that you have to watch before you die it’s Friday Night Lights.

So now that I’ve said my peace I’m going to go…and watch Friday Night Lights. I’m not kidding. It’s kinda a problem beautiful thing.

****Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m just kidding about watching FNL and Friends all day long. I made it up so I have something to write about.


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